Unbenanntes Dokument

the other  

4 quite different voices came together to a musical composition. Each of these voices is unmistakable, the whole an absolut highlight for ones ears. Gospels, spirituals and extravagant arrangements of jazz and pop sound uncomparable in their interpretation. With A-cappella-pieces THE OTHER prove that good music just needs good atmosphere.

Judit Pixner, Daniela Pichler, Andrea Weger andKriemhild Brugger are a musical team already since 15 years. The women's quartet brings good atmosphere at weddings, private parties, vernissages and shop openings not only in South Tyrol. The quartet is known in neighboring regions as well. Different important concerts are to be mentioned as at the university in Trento, at a reception of the police choir in Kassel, at vernissages in Vorarlberg and Tyrol. Besides that the quartet gave 2 concerts at the "Rai Sender Bozen" and participated as the opening act at Ostbahn Kurti's well visited concert. THE OTHER distinguished themselves in front of central figures of politics, economy and in the area of entertainment. To name only the most important:

examples from our CD

Java jive (605 kb mp3)

Give me that old time religion (513 kb mp3)

A love never known (758 kb mp3

Steal away (636 kb mp3)

Ella's Song (639 kb mp3)

Good night sweetheart (652 kb mp3)

CD available :
Foto Staschitz/St. Leonhard in Passeier Alte Mühle  Buchgemeinschaft Meran



Unbenanntes Dokument

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